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The Story - JERICHO!


The days pass them by. In blissful ignorance they frolic; gyration and libation are the order of their day.

They see their world rotting around them and await the coming of a saviour. But that saviour shall never come. Terrified of their own responsibility, they continue to ignore the small streams which inevitably turn into raging rivers. Their cowardice has a price which their children shall pay.

They stand now at a crossroad: they can sacrifice their happiness today or condemn their children’s tomorrow. They fear the difficulty of the task ahead. A minority stand up, bearing a burden too large for so few. They engage in battle daily, securing small victories but sustaining heavy casualties. Their example leads the way. Slowly, more join the struggle, yet still more are needed.

The minority assemble to lead an onslaught on the enemy. They plan to gather strength along the march to the enemy’s stronghold. Clad in their armour and armed with their horns, they will tear down the immense walls of cowardice and create an army to free their future. They encircle the enemy and raise their horns to their lips; the campaign begins.

These moments of struggle will lead to victory in paradise.


What's in your package?

Exclusive J’ouvert Pre-Party from 2AM

Signature After Party

Increased Security

2 Music Trucks 

3 Drinks Trucks

Premium Drinks Inclusive

New Safe, Secure Route (no downtown POS)

DDJ Goodie Bag including T-Shirt/Vest, DDJ Souvenir Party Mug and Noisemaker

Water Truck

Breakfast to refuel you for Monday and Tuesday

Safe Toilets at the Mas Camp

Crazy Vibes and an Unforgettable J’ouvert Experience

All this is promised with top quality service, the best vibe and long lasting memories!



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