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Love Mas…Play Dirty
Dirty Dozen J’ouvert premiered on J’ouvert Morning at Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2010. With a completely sold out band, we paraded through the streets, bringing back J’ouvert to the way it used to be – lots of mud, lots of paint, and lots of powder – but also with lots of drinks and food for the All Inclusive vibe.

The producers of Dirty Dozen J’ouvert have been involved in the promotion and production of mas in T&T, Barbados, Miami and Notting Hill, and we have pooled our collective experiences and resources to create a distinctive event.

The Difference?…OUR UNIQUE RECIPE!
We will provide our J’ouvert family with the right mix, the 12 Ingredients that we believe will give you the most Unforgettable J’ouvert you will ever Experience…

Come on. Be part of the recipe…

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